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The Bolton Boy's Balloon Adventure

  • $30.00

Twelve exciting stories to introduce the first 12 consonant sounds often represented in writing by the letters

b  k  d  f  g  h  j  l  m  n  ng  p

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Read about the bird that crashed into the Bolton Boys’ beautiful, bouncing, hot air balloon; Carla, the Koala's crazy kite ride; the ducklings’ diving lesson; four, friendly feet that saved four fine fish from Fierce Freddie; the giggling girl’s birthday party; Harry’s happy house painting; the Jolly Jellyfish Meeting crashed by Jurassic Jerry; Lexie, Lulu and the lollipop-licking lizard; Max and Mia on the moon; Nanny’s net conundrum; Liling’s ring down the sink and Penny’s pink, pocket-sized piglet.