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Robbie Robot to the Rescue

  • $30.00

More adventures to introduce the second 12 consonant sounds often represented in writing by the letters

r  s  t  v  w  y  z  s  ch  sh  th  th

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Read about Rusty Robbie Robot as he rescues Roger Robot; slipping, sliding seals that save Sophie and Spencer; tigers trotting in Tasmania; violets, veggies, a van and a volcano; Webster, the web weaving super star; a dog that steals Yoshi's yoyo just as the competition starts but Yoshi still wins; Zed and Zoe, the zebra twins; measuring the treasure at a Pirate birthday party; cheeping chickens and the cheeky fox; Sherry and Sherbet shellfish; baby Theo’s thick thongs and the Whether cousins posing in feather and leather outfits.