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Bertie Bird and the Earth Worm

  • $30.00

Nine engaging stories to introduce the last 9 vowel sounds often represented in writing by the letters

ir  or  oo  oo  ou  oy  eer  air  er

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Cost is $25 plus $5 postage and handling ($30 total).

Read about Purple Bertie Bird distracted by an earthworm; Audrey, Theodore, and Orchid, the missing horse; Woolly, the book-reading bull and the woolly lambs; the puzzling, beautiful new boots for bandicoots; Howie and Klaus, a crowd of cows… and a bull; the mystery of Mr McCoy’s destroyed toys; Tameer, the baby deer, saved by her father’s huge antlers; Claire’s chair at the house in FanFair and a ladder to the rescue!