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Anna Ant's Antics

  • $30.00

Ten engaging stories to introduce the first 10 vowel sounds often represented in writing by the letters

a    e    i    o    u    ai    ee    i_e    oa    ar 

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Cost is $25 plus $5 postage and handling ($30 total).

Read about Anna Ant’s dreams and her realtime antics; Ethel and Eric Eggheads eggy cooking experience; Iggy, the Iguana, polar bear cubs and an Inuits’ igloo; how Olive Ocelot saves Oscar Osprey;
Uncle Unwin’s Ugly Undies; the snails baseball game interrupted by grey fantails; Queen Bee Phoebe and the disappearing beehive; Isaac Ivy’s Ice-cream Island; Viking boys, Otis and Odin, and their broken, boat rope and Star and Charm, the twin calves, and their tangle with barbed wire!