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Phonemic awareness endorsement from Grover Hill, Ohio

Barbara Murray - Friday, October 25, 2019

Isn’t it interesting where you read about phonemic awareness? It’s not just the Australian curriculum that is a supporter of this approach to help young learners speak, read and spell.

I came across this article about Kevin Wilson, a long-time Elementary Principal who is leaving Grover Hill Elementary in the US, and phonemic awareness.

One of his legacies is referenced in this article: view/download here

It says that student data indicated gaps in English, language and art at younger grade levels. To meet this need, teachers, including kindergarten teacher Mrs Walls, attended a Heggerty Phonics professional development session and implemented it into the preschool and kindergarten classes at Grover Hill Elementary.     
“... the lack of phonemic awareness,” Mrs Walls said, “is the most common source of reading difficulty.” “Phonemic awareness is much different than just phonics. It includes oral language activities and an awareness of the individual sounds in a word. Once the words are put into print then it becomes phonics. We discovered a lack of phonemic awareness in our system and once we found this program, we attended an inservice in Findlay. We are seeing great success with this program. I am excited with the results we are already seeing this year.”
Preschool teacher Mrs Backus added, "these quick activities during all of our transition times has been wonderful. The kids are really enjoying it and will be so much more prepared for kindergarten. It is just amazing how quickly they are learning beginning and ending sounds and even compound words. I absolutely love this program.”
Reading this makes my heart sing! Why don’t all Australian schools teach using phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics?
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